What forms of payment does Charles Town Auto Wash Accept?

We accept Cash, Credit in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  And as of January 2017 we are accepting Fleet Service cards through WEX and we always accept Charles Town Auto Wash Gift Cards!

What is your policy on Pick up Trucks?

We want your experience here to be the best it can be.  That's why we ask all customers with pick up trucks to ensure there is no loose debris or items in the bed of your truck before you enter the wash tunnel.  Keeping the bed swept clear ensures an efficient and effective wash.  Just let us know before hand if you need any clarification!

What are after care services and when are they available?

After Care Services include any interior cleaning, buffing, polishing or extras that we perform that the Wash Tunnel cannot.  These services are available Wednesday through Sunday from open until half an hour prior to our scheduled closing time.  This is to ensure we have time to complete the package you purchased!

FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question we didn't answer here?

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How Long does a Car wash take?

The length of time depends on two things: 

1. The service you purchase.  Our Value Package 2, which is a basic interior and exterior wash, is completed in 30 minutes. 

2. The number of customers that day.  Please excuse us on days when we have a high volume of customers. 

We always do our best to complete your wash package thoroughly and in a timely manner.  Just in case, we've provided a complimentary coffee station, sofas, free WiFi and a television in our customer lounge area for your use. 

What if I'm not satisfied with my car wash?

Please let us know!  Our goal is to create an excellent experience for you.  However, if we fall short please let the manager on duty know and we will re-clean the area and do whatever we need to make it right! 

How often should I wash my car?

Auto manufacturers suggest that your vehicle be washed after every weather event and a regular wash schedule is recommended to protect and maintain the exterior and interior of your vehicle. 

We recommend an average of twice a month.  It helps to maintain the clear coat by ridding your car of baked-on bugs and bird feces (which are all damaging to the clear coat).  Washing frequently keep rims from getting pitted with brake dust, debris and other road elements such as tar.  This is why our Unlimited Wash program is such a great deal! 

What is your Policy on Tow Hitches?

All hitches, regardless of size or type have to be removed prior to entering the wash tunnel.  Thank you for your continued patience and understanding!