Our Customers in mind

We want your great experience here at Charles Town Auto Wash to continue before, during and after you've left the wash.  So we do a few things to thank our customers and community. 

Community Calendar

On each Wednesday, we post our Charles Town Community Calendar on our Facebook page detailing local events happening on the upcoming weekend.  We love connecting to other local businesses.  If you're interested in adding your event to the calendar, just let us know!  You can find it by searching the hashtags on Facebook #CharlesTownCommunityCalendar and #WednesdayWeekendLookAhead

Happy Birthday

Each year on your birthday, we invite you to come a get a free wash on us!  Our gift to you on your birthday!


Thank you to all Veterans and service members who have served or are currently serving our country.  That's why we are a proud participant of Grace for Vets and we offer a free car wash to all Veterans and service members each Veterans Day, November 11th. 

Donation Requests

We love to see our community thrive and are happy to lend a hand whenever we can.  Here’s how you can request a donation: 

Please email us below information for donations at least 14 days before the event date and limit your request to one fundraising event per year. Your submission does not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request.  Include your:  Organization name, address, use for donation, the event name and date, organization representative, phone number and Tax ID number. 


We want nothing but the best for the Charles Town, WV region.

So we're dedicated to our community and customers.

Going Green

One of the things that makes our area so great is the environment.  We are surrounded by forests and rivers - namely the Potomac and the Shenandoah - and we are committed to protecting our natural resources. 


We understand the importance of water; not just for a clean car but as a foundation of life so we give it the respect it deserves.  Our state of the art equipment averages a usage of 23 gallons per car. Compare that to most automatic car washes that typically use 40-60 gallons, or washing your car in your driveway which can use 80-100 gallons.


We converted all our lighting to the more energy efficient LEDs, creating a brighter future with less power. 


We believe everything helps - down to the last detail!  We recycle any trash we remove from vehicles and we avoid using hazardous aerosol cans.  We work with products that are eco-friendly and do the job!